My wife Mary and I are extremely pleased to provide you this letter of recommendation.

To potential clients, here is a snap shot of our experience working with Alan Austin, which demonstrates why he can provide you Real Estate services that WILL exceed your expectations.

In May of 2010, we moved from Raleigh, North Carolina to S. California where I accepted the CEO position for a technology company.   Our plan was to find a home to rent for a year so we could make a better buying decision.

We had little time when we contacted Alan.    Within two short weeks, Alan prepared a plan and arranged viewings for our house-hunting trip to the West Coast.  Making a long story short, Alan secured the perfect place for us during our trip … which required Alan physically going to the property, ringing the doorbell, and convincing the homeowner to let us view his property!

Nine months later, we started our house purchasing process.  Alan provided us perfect guidance the entire way  … driving over 100 miles round trip each time we had home viewings.   Upon locating a property of our choice (a ranch in Moorpark) Alan provided exceptional advise from the initial offer, counter offers, home inspection, insurance, electrical inspections, title, banking, and closing.  This complicated purchase happened in record time with zero issues.

Alan not only made it possible for us to close on time but he saved us 10’s of thousands of dollars in the process!

– Patrick and Mary Schultz


“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with Denise O’Reilly of LRS Property Management. She found me a tenant quickly, efficiently and with realistic promises. No fluff…just straight talk. She has been ever present and communicated with me efficiently since she took over. I would recommend her to anyone.”

– Cedesboysat, Citysearch


“Brettany Harrison! If your looking for someone to find you what your looking for, BRETTANY HARRISON is your Lady! She is thorough, reliable, and makes you feel like she cares! I have been renting all my life and have never had an agent like Brettany. When I am ready to buy, I know where to go. I would recommend Brettany to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent.”

– Daniel H.


“Thank you Alan for the commitment you made to helping us through 3 short sales. It was emotionally draining to realize we had to let go of 3 rental properties. We also knew that short sale listings could be challenging for the agent. We were glad you accepted our project.

We never got to meet you in person but what we could count on was the fact that you always called when you said you would and followed through with every aspect of each deal. You continued to support us as well as deal with the lenders. You made this process as easy as it could be for us. Even when the other buyer needed extra attention you made sure that our deal went through by offering assistance when you could. It can be challenging when you can’t meet in person and all you have to go on is emails and phone calls. You assured us along the way that everything would work out and it did”

– Chris and Lana Somers


“Brettany Harrison is the best Agent in LA! Period!”

– Scott Hammer


“Denise O’Reilly performed in an outstanding manner in the process of leasing my home. After our initial contact, I was convinced of her professionalism in the real estate and property leasing business.Denise was diligent in representing me fairly by performing market surveys and analysis to determine comparable lease rates for my property. The most amazing thing about my association with Denise was that she found a lease for my property in less than 2 weeks after listing. I am extremely thankful and appreciative of Denise’s services and support. I would highly recommend Ms. O’Reilly to my friends and associates.”

– CJ, Agoura Hills


“Brettany Harrison is an excellent agent. She explained the leasing process well and made it easy. She really assisted me through this process and made it less stressful. Thanks so much Brettany!”

– R. Fajardo

“I am writing a letter of commendation for Mr. Alan Austin, one of your superb employees. In the capacity of a leasing agent, Alan leased my rental home posthaste. He is the epitome of professionalism in both manner and appearance. He remained available for constant communication as the “deal” unfolded and was instantly responsive to all calls I made to him.

I honestly believe that I couldn’t have received better representation than Alan provided me. I believe that your personal kudos are appropriate for Alan’s superior efforts.”

– Ben Treas


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